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Benefits of pollen
Improving the ability to reproduce and is very useful for cases of infertility in women, eliminating stress and removing all symptoms during the menstrual cycle.
Strengthening the liver, blocking toxins, preventing the deposition of fat in the liver, and protecting the liver from cirrhosis. Preventing nervous tension and prostate diseases.
Pollen strengthens the bodies of children, youth, and adults and provides them with vitamins, enzymes, and important mineral elements.
Treating hemorrhoids and weak veins and capillaries.
Rebuild and strengthen the immune system.
Pollen helps tighten and soften the body’s skin.
It treats indigestion, emaciation, and thinness, and helps stimulate appetite and regulate the food conversion process in the body.
Treatment of aging diseases.
Increase the body’s resistance to bronchitis and influenza. It increases red blood cells and raises hemoglobin levels.
Pollen is beneficial for the health of pregnant women and fetuses.
Pollen is useful for patients treated with radioactive drugs and for patients subjected to periodic X-ray examination.
Treating wounds, regenerating burned skin, and treating small intestine inflammation.
Treatment of conjunctival hemorrhage. Preventing internal bleeding that affects people with high blood pressure and diabetes.

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