Mansi Herb reduces appetite and dissolves fat

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This tea is a mixture of marine algae, such as Fucus vesica, and medicinal herbs, such as nettle leaves, gold veins, cassia, and others.

It reduces appetite, dissolves fat, resists intestinal congestion, helps firm up flab, and eliminates cellulitis…

This tea is used to treat diseases of the digestive system. It stimulates the colon to work, which increases bowel movement. This tea expels annoying gases from the abdomen, treats chronic constipation, and is a soothing drink for hemorrhoid patients.

It stimulates the activity of the colon, by irritating the mucous membrane lining it, and then the smooth muscles of the colon contract and increase its movement, and this increases the speed of bowel movement.

It increases the secretion of fluids in the colon, and at the same time it prevents the absorption of fluids from it. The effect of the tea begins about 8 hours after drinking it.

These two effects work together to make the stagnant colon and inactive intestines more active, i.e. restore the colon to its activity again.

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